Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Incredible Change | Art After Dark #5

Incredible Change  |  incrediblechange.net

Art After Dark | 8/22/14 | Tickets and info: AMAmuseum.org/aad5.html

What do you get when you combine talents and creativity from several of DC’s best live bands of the last ten years (Ra Ra Rasputin, Last Tide, Lode Runner, just to name a few)? Incredible Change.  Synth-laden electronic dance music influenced by everything from Italian house to early Factory Records, Brock Boss channels Bauhaus vocals over arpeggiators, syncopated rhythms, chorus-drenched guitar, eliciting kinetic vibrations with a cast of musicians including DeenaOh, Rob Hart, Patrick Kigongo, and Ed Porter. Pulling in classic dance elements and pairing them with dark analog sounds and distinct lyrical presentation, Incredible Change filters their influences through a lens that’s all their own. Just have a look and take a listen to their new video for “Ecce Mono”: