Friday, June 17, 2011

Damián Siqueiros | POSSIBLE WORLDS @ AMA | Artist 1 of 9

Damián Siqueiros |
Damián is obsessed with a single mission: to find beauty in whatever he can, capture it, and show it to the world. He loves pure colors, shying away from washed-out or bright colors, almost like that of Renaissance artists.

In addition to photography, Damián also works on sculpture, costume design, set design, stage direction, lighting, and makeup director.

Damián has won awards on three continents and won first place at Art Souterrain in Montreal in 2010. His work has been shown in many countries, including France, Spain, Canada, and his country of origin, Mexico. His series "Life as a Performance" has been seen in Montreal, New York, and in Mexico. He has has also been published in magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

Damián is currently living in Quebec, where he plans to stay for at least a few years.

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