Monday, August 8, 2011

Fernando Montiel Klint | POSSIBLE WORLDS @ AMA | Artist 7 of 9

Fernando Montiel Klint |

Fernando Montiel Klint
Photography and Fiction in
Mexican Contemporary Art Exhibition

Open through August 28th at AMA | ART MUSEUM of the AMERICAS

Fernando Montiel Klint was born in México city in 1978.  He studied Communications at the Iberoamerican University. He also attended the Escuela Activa de Fotografía and El Centro de la Imagen where he studied photography. There is a strange aura that surrounds Ferna­ndo’s works; his shockingly bright colors, his classical posturing, cinematic lighting, and the complex emotional range of the participants, construct Fernando’s images in an incredibly theatrical manner. To watch them in their creation is to watch the photographer dance with light, participate and engage in disguise, allowing himself to be seen as he literally moves into the space of the scene. They are theatrical, bizarre, fictional performances, staged for the camera and constructed and finished in the computer.

So many of Fernando’s images hover on the edge of dysfunction, loss, suicide, and madness. The artist crosses a multitude of taboos. The majority of these images are tragic, unrelenting fictions. No one, male of female, appears redeemable.

Fernando was a grant recipient in 2004-05 for Young Creators and an Honorary Mention in the 12th annual Biennale of Photography (Mexico). He is represented in the collection of Museum of Guangdong (China), Texas State University (USA), and the Museum of Modern Art (Mexico).

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    My nurse found and ordered this canvas print,, by Gustav Klimt, by browsing to who made our excellent print from their database of images from western art.