Monday, July 11, 2011

Kenia Nárez | POSSIBLE WORLDS @ AMA | Artist 4 of 9

Kenia Nárez  |

Kenia Nárez
Photography and Fiction in
Mexican Contemporary Art Exhibition

Opening July 7th at AMA | ART MUSEUM of the AMERICAS

Kenia Nárez was born in Cuernavaca Morelos in 1982. She studied Visual Arts at the Autonomous University of Morelos UAEM majoring in Photography.

Her work has been exhibited individually through the Mexican embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006). And collectively at the center of the arts in Guanajuato (2007), XII biennial of Photography, Centro de la Imagen, México, DF (2006), Gallery Emma Molina, Monterrey (2006), México Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Emma Molina, México, DF (2006), XXVI Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven (National Encounter of Young art), Aguascalientes (2006), Art Museum Carrillo Gil, México, DF (2006), Art Fair of Contemporary Art, Gallery Emma Molina Madrid, España (2006), Festival Fotología in its fourth edition, Gallery Santa Fe Bogotá, Colombia (2005).

She has been a recipient of the National and State Fund for the culture and arts in the young artist program the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Nárez uses photography as a means to achieve a speech supporting the Fantasy and Gender. Gender viewed from the perspective of a woman to constitute itself, sometimes as an object of fantasy includes the completion of the childhood memories that are reinterpreted from children’s literature know as fairy tales.

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