Friday, July 15, 2011

World's First Modern Art Safety Cone | Now on Display at AMA

Today was a big day in AMA history. I've completed work on a prototype for the world's first (at least that I know of) modern art safety cone. I have been putting a lot of thought into bringing the work from our collection outside the museum. The classic architecture of our building sometimes disguises the unique and contemporary work we display on the inside.

When I heard we had ordered new safety cones for the front of the museum (in order to prevent people from tripping on our driveway chain), I seized the opportunity to bring our art out in the public.

Beautiful, shiny "Traffic Control" cones
from Peachtree Business Products
 For this first prototype, I decided to go with a painting in our collection by Antonio Segui. Why? Because it's cool. And I have a high-res image of it. And I'm hoping since it's packed full of people it will send a subliminal message to the world to come visit our museo.

So after careful measuring the cones and mapping out the images I would need (measuring a cone with a ruler is hard!), I put it in my computer and printed out these babies:

What do you think?

And voila! World's first modern art cone. I hope you like it, cause there will be more coming soon.
As you can see the guards were very impressed...


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