Friday, September 30, 2011

Catalina Bauer | Contemporary Art from Chile: Traveling Light | Artist 1 of 5

Catalina Bauer |

Catalina Bauer
AMA | Art Museum of the Americas

Catalina Bauer (b. 1976, Buenos Aires). Bauer holds a Bachelor of Arts from the UFT, Chile. Her work has been exhibited in London, Australia, Chile, Spain, and Mexico. Among her most significant exhibitions are Tectonic Shift: Contemporary Art of Chile at the Saatchi Gallery and Philips de Pury, London (2011); Contaminaciones Contemporáneas, coordinated by Die Ecke at the Museum of Contemporary Art in São Paulo (2010); Mientras sea possible, collective exhibition by Iberoamerican artists at Casa de America in Madrid (2010); Albores, Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa, México (2007). Bauer has also been a recipient of multiple international awards and scholarships including BECA AMA (Chile, 2010), an exchange program between Chile and Mexico, CNCA and CONACULTA (Mexico, 2007), Fondart, CNCA (Chile, 2005).  Bauer is a Professor at the School of Art of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM.

Bauer's work at AMA, entitled Frivolité (Tatting), is a site-specific, knitted nylon piece made in collaboration with Corcoran students. The piece, designed specifically with the museum's layout in mind, treats the floor as the wall and Bauer allows the piece to transgress through different gallery spaces. It's soft geometry is in contrast to the two sharp geometric art pieces it shares gallery spaces with. The piece also brings up conversations surrounding femininity and evokes the tradition of our ancestors' production of  doilies and crochet handicrafts.

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