Friday, September 16, 2011

New AMA Talent: Belen, Our New Intern

Belen Boya |
Belen Boya
AMA | Art Museum of the Americas

Belen, our new intern, has joined our team for the next semester to help us with her illustration skills. She describes her work as
"different styles that I use to express myself during moments of inspiration, such as after listening to a beautiful song; while recalling the memory of a person that comes to my mind, or an interesting conversation that I enjoyed; or after listening to the news around the world, or to the weather forecast; my purring cat sitting next (or on top!) of my laptop while I draw..."

In particular, Belen will be assisting in our development of a more interactive (and, of course, fun) educational materials for family and school workshops. Stay tuned for more great work here at AMA from our education team.

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